Cleaning of common sense

Household cleaning knowledge and tools

&Nbsp;  : clean the floor tool:
&Nbsp;   1, use tools: hand cleaners, MOP, shovel, broom, dust pan and other cleaning equipment.
&Nbsp;   2, materials: pulls the dust fluid, surface cleaning, detergent, dust removal solution.
&Nbsp;   3, operating requirements: from the inside of the bedroom to clean out along the ground, when there are stains or balsam, need blade shovels, wipe clean with a cloth and then continue to push dust or wipe cleaning. Dust covers, cloth always rinse with water or dishwashing detergent water, clean, continue to use it.
&Nbsp;   4, health standards: no stains, marks, no debris, non-hygienic dead angle, keeping stone gloss.
&Nbsp;   II: decontamination and disinfection of kitchen and toilet:
&Nbsp;   use acidic cleaning agents, degreasing agent with high efficiency, with the scale removal, Rust removal, disinfection and other targeted treatment. Heavy dirt combined with high pressure water jet.
&Nbsp;   III: repair trace cleaning up:
&Nbsp;   renovation paint left over trace, paint, cement, plastic, pencil trace use clean ball, professional blade with thinner for fine cleaning, special cleaning agent.
&Nbsp;   IV: the floors and furniture maintenance wax:
&Nbsp;   wax is solid wood floor (plastic) floors, marble, granite, glass bricks. Coated with protective wax, curing air, water, dust, easy to clean, prevent wear and professional waxing wax evenly thick, beautiful appearance, so as to prolong the life of the floor. (Note: extra charge) and five: clean glass 1, use tools: water glass, glass, spatula, and so on.
&Nbsp;   2, materials: glass cleaners and polishes.
&Nbsp;   3, wipe method:
&Nbsp;   (1) dip coated with glass of water glass cleaner and mix water to scrub the glass surface.
&Nbsp;   (2) with a glass scraper to scrape the dirt on the glass.
&Nbsp;   (3) wash the glass with glass dipped in water.
&Nbsp;   (4) on the glass with a glass of water blown.
&Nbsp;   (5) glass with a rag does not scrape the surface of the water, and borders on the water wipe clean.
&Nbsp;   (6) if there are stains can be local with a clean cloth or squeegee clean.

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