Cleaning of common sense

Wasteland cleaning standards

&Nbsp;   glass standard: Visual without water mark, no fingerprints, no stains, clean and bright.
&Nbsp;   bathroom standard: wall with no color, no obvious stain, no paint, no glue sign clean bright, stainless steel, sanitary ware fittings clean and bright, ground blind, without fail, no smell.
&Nbsp;   kitchen standards: walls no color, no obvious stain, no paint, no glue traces, stainless steel bright clean, ground blind, without fail.
&Nbsp;   bedrooms and Hall standards: walls, no dust, lamps clean, switch box clean glue stains, no dust, no vents, air conditioning air outlet rubber; door and frame standard: without GLUE, paint, touch the smooth, shiny, no dust.
&Nbsp;   standard ground: wood flooring without GLUE, clean ceramic tiles no dust, no paint, no cement stains, shiny; stone no stains, no glue, high gloss.

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