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&Nbsp;   shopping mall cleaning is also carried out by the responsible and clean outside the Mall also will affect the image of the Mall, Mall cleaning requirements to be followed when cleaning. Outside the Mall outside cleaning requirement includes not only the Mall clean, Mall cleaning requirements include underground parking cleaning.
&Nbsp;   Mall cleaning requires advertising light box should be kept clean, bright, no cracks, no damage. No damage not shiny neon lamp.
&Nbsp;   store curtain wall glass with clean inside and outside, to keep the glass clean, bright, no apparent smudges and water.
&Nbsp;  , promotional flags, banners, lanterns outside the Mall car show atmosphere, Sun umbrella, such as promotional items will be kept clean and in good condition.
&Nbsp;   malls dry cleaning required after raining should be timely rest chair seat, usually resting Chair cleaning to do the work, there can be no obvious stain and garbage, clean.
&Nbsp;   gutter should remain open, water seepage, drainage sediment-free, there are no flies around, trench cover intact, gap has no waste.
&Nbsp;   waste, cardboard collection points should be kept clean, clean once a day on the ground, to ensure that there is no smell, do not attract flies. Garbage-needs bags tied tightly. Food waste must be placed in rubbish bins, and cleaned up immediately to refuse to keep trash and clean the ground. Strong cardboard Pack, neatly stacked and filled garbage immediately after removal. Trash and garbage trucks are most likely dirty places in the Mall cleaning requirements, be sure to do a good job cleaning.
&Nbsp;   outside the Mall car park cleaning requirements are neatly parked vehicles must be in accordance with the provisions of the location, parking vehicle engines must be turned off.
&Nbsp;   shopping mall cleaning requirements but also including perimeter security guards should Unclog traffic, maintaining the mall a good traffic order.

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