Cleaning of common sense

Land clearing cleaning fine is what does that mean?

&Nbsp;   cleaning company should have management abilities higher cooked, cleaning staff skills, complete equipment, process specification, otherwise it will damage the building decoration caused irreparable damage.
&Nbsp;   clearance: General refers to the external wall, glass and Interior floors, walls, glass, bathrooms, stairs, elevators, plumbing, fire-fighting equipment such as cleaning process. Wasteland is clean engineering of first, due to construction in the often will legacy Xia many garbage dirt, various ground stone, wall Shang will legacy water mud block, and paint, and glass rubber, and water dirt, and rust track,, these are must in wasteland work in the cleaning clean, so it is a items most hard, and most complex, and most trouble of work, wasteland engineering of bad, directly effect to future cleaning work of quality and grade, so do wasteland has quite important of requirements.
&Nbsp;   1, target: completed decoration of the old and new rooms (including duplex House, apartment), office buildings, hotels and villas.
&Nbsp;   2, services: comprehensive dusting, washing floors, glass, kitchen, restroom eliminates the dirt disinfection, cleaning and maintenance, and so on.
&Nbsp;   3, the land reclamation process of order:
&Nbsp;   a, from coarse to fine, b, from top to bottom; c, the wall prior to glass; d, floor tiles, stone floors, prior to wood floors.
&Nbsp;   4, stone, brick walls and neutral liquid detergent and water; after the metal surface with a metal Polish, rinse with water and wipe dry.

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