Cleaning of common sense

Make your House feel brand new

&Nbsp;   lived Chengdu five big garden of door Miss just decoration good House to full big cleaning, because weather is too hot cold didn't want to himself hands-on, and worried casually please of sister-in-law health make not clean completely, then door Miss dialed has Jinniu District, oh yo domestic service company of advisory phone, put all related things told properly zhihou, Jinniu District, oh yo domestic service company of cleaning personnel came to has door Miss of home in the, began has cleaning work.
&Nbsp;   "oxalic acid concrete stains, but will corrode stainless steel doors, steel wool to clean floor tiles, but can leave scratches, these have to be avoided ... ..." master small xiaobian note, edge cleaning.
&Nbsp;   "they start from the bathroom floor and walls, wipe with damp cloth, then wipe with a dry towel; pulled out a knife, gently cut the discerning kitchen door residual cement, sawdust. Whole new edges, door frames, adhesive glue, paint on glass, was carefully cleaning up one by one by the master ", Miss serious when it comes to the door.
&Nbsp;   "only a two hundred or three hundred Yuan, will house a new look, which look very pleasant. "The Lady is very happy.

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