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Household cleaning detail

&Nbsp;   household cleaning means: by professional cleaners use cleaning equipment, tools and chemicals, on the Mainland of room surfaces, walls, ceilings, balcony, kitchen, bathroom and other parts for cleaning cleaning: Windows and doors, glass, kitchen, sanitary ware, furniture and other targeted treatment, in order to achieve clean, sterilization corrosion, maintenance of the objective of an activity.
&Nbsp;   and household cleaning can be divided into: wasteland cleaning and daily cleaning.
&Nbsp;   the scope of daily cleaning: window (including glass and glass boxes), floors, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture.
&Nbsp;   which kitchen of range hood to please professional of people to cleaning of, General is put range hood split down moved to downstairs to cleaning, also some cleaning company can cleaning, is to additional charges of, lamp also no longer cleaning of range, in cleaning of process in the, many of owners are asked to, you cleaning company why not wipe lamp Ah, because lamp belongs to easy broken products, value General are compared high, in cleaning of process in the easy broke, And the chandelier cleaning will remove it, professional staff, installed after the cleaned one by one! Lamps are not included in the scope of cleaning!
&Nbsp;   could wash the curtains, in many other big cities, washed curtains are extra charges! In small and medium cities, are free of charge, from housekeepers to help owners take the curtains down, the owners after washing, helping owners hang on to!
&Nbsp;   wasteland cleaning includes: Windows (including glass and glass boxes), floor, kitchen, bathroom. Does not include light and breakable.
&Nbsp;   a cleaning latex paint that is primarily Windows and the ground clearance, including baseboard. Kitchen and toilet cleaning.
&Nbsp;   II cleaning include furniture, cabinets, stove and ware.

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