Cleaning of common sense

Wasteland cleaning includes cleaning projects?

&Nbsp;   after the home improvement or paint, floor and wall tiles are left on many construction waste and renovation waste such as cement blocks, paint (paint), glass, plastic, and so on, Cabinet inside will be covered with a layer of white lime, will also leave a lot of paint on the glass, decoration such as cement blocks junk ... ...
&Nbsp;   trash and cleaning the stains must be in opening up wasteland in the wash, so land reclamation cleaning is a very difficult, very complicated, very demanding work. Wasteland cleaning quality, directly affects the quality and grade of your future life and work, affect your physical and mental well-being ... ... Land reclamation has a very important requirement, land reclamation General cleaning use clean tools: multifunctional vacuums absorbing water machine, multi-function washing machine, feather duster, glass coverall tool, scraping, painting water, extension poles, marble blade, ladder, cleaning buckets, cleaning, high pressure spray bottle, cleaning cloth.
&Nbsp;   wasteland of detergents for cleaning: universal detergent, glass cleaner wasteland cleaning procedure:
&Nbsp;   1, and first cleanup housing in of building garbage and decoration garbage 2, and with multifunctional vacuum cleaner by Shang to Xia full sucking dust or with feather duster full to dust 3, and wipe glass: first with cloud stone shovel knife and clean ball clear window frames and glass Shang stubborn of stains, then with high pressure spray bottle will distribution good of glass clean agent solution uniform of spray to glass Shang, third, with hundred clean cloth put glass box wipe clean, IV, using double glass clean device will glass wipe clean, Using glass the glass edge water marks to dry.
&Nbsp;   4, and wall brick and ground: with coated water device will distribution good of Almighty cleaning agent solution smear wall brick and ground, later moments, with cloud stone shovel knife, and clean ball, and scraping water device will ground cleaning clean, last with sucking dust sucking water device ending 5, and with right of cleaning tool and cleaning agent cleaning housing within of other part company of service commitment is: specification management, professional operation, owners first, service first, customer satisfaction we only satisfaction.

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