Cleaning of common sense

Supermarket cleaning strategy

&Nbsp;   supermarket is one of the many and varied places, so do the cleaning work is quite difficult things, supermarkets cleaning should start from what? what problems?
&Nbsp;   1, ready for the tools needed: "the floor was dry" signs, MOP, glue small bucket, broom, cleaning agents.
&Nbsp;   2, before washing the floor, be sure to clean the dust and rubbish.
&Nbsp;   3, wash the floor before you start: "wipe the floor" made, then from water source to wash.
&Nbsp;   4, cleaning MOP in the bucket, and then twisted it with glue.
&Nbsp;   5, 1.5 m behind the water bucket on the place.
&Nbsp;   6, washing with feet shoulder width apart, back straight you want.
&Nbsp;   7, once in every three times to clean out the MOP, if necessary, change the water.
&Nbsp;   8, half wet wipe glass cleaning cloth from the mirror at one end to the other, the direction from top to bottom, from left to right (removing dust) 9, with a clean, dry cloth to clean the mirror until shiny. (Check the dirt patches to ensure they no longer remain) 10, needs to focus on cleaning surface.
&Nbsp;   11, wipe with a glass cleaning agent from one side of the mirror to the other, up and down, left to clean the brush until the coverage for all so far.
&Nbsp;   12, spraying at the Central mirror glass detergents, spray only once. (Easy cleaning) 13, clean the mirror until the luminous shine.
&Nbsp;   14, from the side of the mirror to look in the mirror, satisfied with the cleaning of public prosecutions and, if necessary, focused on wiping it all over again.
&Nbsp;   to open the elevator control box, pressing the button, the lift stops.
&Nbsp;   15, signs to ask passengers on the elevator door to show their work.
&Nbsp;   16, clean glass mirror.
&Nbsp;   17, half wet and dry cloth to wipe the doors (of plastic and rubber parts and wood small step) 18, elevator door tracks clean.
&Nbsp;   19, press a button and shut the door.
&Nbsp;   20, with a non-fluffy cloth clean the elevator door and stainless steel parts.
&Nbsp;   21, floor cleaning (keep it free of dust, debris) 22, reinstating control button, turn off the control box, restore the normal elevator operation, compliance officers, each represented by one operator, one clean one stop them one by one.
&Nbsp;   check the health situation within the Office, found not hygienic always cleaned.

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