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&Nbsp;   from a professional point of view, and for people too much carpet we recommend at least once every two months. If more staff in the Office or company conditions allow, the best cleaning once a month. Use cleaner Description: our carpets of different materials using a different cleaner, main cleaner aijalon high water soaks the rug carpet stains agent and 3M high foam carpet shampoo, oil for oily stains by using a powerful agent.
&Nbsp;   1, aijalon high water soaks the rug is a neutral cleaning agent, for cleaning all types of carpet. Dirt suspension and special effects driers, rich foam, decontamination capability, washed, carpet fresh soft, easy to dry.
&Nbsp;   2, strength of oil dispersant is mainly for oil pollution, can be emulsified and Saponified grease. Construction follow the grease level used with carpet cleaner carpet.
&Nbsp;   3, 3M carpet shampoo is United States 3M produces high soaks the rug cleansing agent, can effectively clean carpets contaminated, clean without any residues, especially for long hair carpet. Construction of Beijing's carpet cleaning carpet cleaning company carpet cleaning process:
&Nbsp;  , common carpet cleaning:
&Nbsp;   1, first used high-power vacuum cleaner will have a lot of dust or polluted dust.
&Nbsp;   2, carpet cleaning agents and dispersants by proportional dilution with water and injected foam boxes.
&Nbsp;   3, if it is cleaned for the first time, in an inconspicuous place first tried to wash and see if the carpet is faded.
&Nbsp;   4, with a "z" shape uniform cleaning carpet cleaning use high-power water machine water stains out of the carpet.
&Nbsp;   5, after cleaning open the window, or turn on the air conditioning allow carpet to dry naturally, usually after 24 hours to completely dry.
&Nbsp;   II, wool carpet cleaning:
&Nbsp;   1, dust: the first step is to use a vacuum cleaner full vacuum, especially solid waste and objects on the ground needs to be cleaned up.
&Nbsp;   2, local treatment: with special cleaning agents for carpets the grease stains, coffee stains, and fruit processed individually.
&Nbsp;   carpet foam cleaner 3, dilution: dilute the detergent injection foam box.
&Nbsp;   4, hand brush: brush by hand at carpet edges, corners and push machine to.
&Nbsp;   5, dry foam cleaning: single disc with foam, carpet brush Sweeper, dry foam cleaning carpets. Cleaning agents, such as effects on the carpet after a while, repeat the cleaning work.
&Nbsp;   6, combs: Cilia with comb or rake to comb the carpet carpet, the carpet appearance is very important, especially a long fiber cotton wool carpet, and speed up the carpet drying effect.
&Nbsp;   7, suction: carpet hair completely dry, then vacuum the dirt and dry foam crystals. Our service tenet is: quality first, credit first;

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