Presentation by the Exhibition Hall opens up wasteland cleaning

&Nbsp;   Hall opens up wasteland cleaning procedure is as follows:
&Nbsp;   1, and cleanup wasteland cleaning site left of decoration garbage, water mud block, and paint, and glass rubber, and rust track,; 2, and with power vacuum cleaner full sucking dust, 3, and wipe fine glass: first with towel will glass box wipe clean, again with glass scraping dip diluted Hou of glass water solution, uniform of from Shang to Xia smear glass, again repeat above process, with glass scraping from Shang to Xia scraping clean, with dry towel wipe NET box Shang left of water marks, glass Shang of water marks must to with glass scraping wipe clean, Otherwise it will leave a trace road in the glass.
&Nbsp;   4, and bathroom of clean: first to recognize bathroom ceiling of material, is PVC Board also is aluminum plastic Board, different material selection different of clean method; with scrub brush cleaning bathroom of wall, focus cleaning tile of gap and tile surface Shang legacy of rubber track, and cement stains,; with towel clean health between of ware, with stainless steel cleaning liquid on various taps for clean; with wash to machine clean ground, On the corner with washing machine wash clean ball and blade for specific decontamination.
&Nbsp;   5, Hall: vacuuming dusting the wall using type suction dust suction from the top down, wipe the lamp, switch boxes, exhaust place, air-conditioning, exhaust, etc.
&Nbsp;   6, doors and boxes of cleaning: first of all to distinguish between materials, stained with professional cleaning agent diluted with a towel to wipe from top to bottom, fold box towel from the top of the door began to wipe from left to right, where there is GLUE adhesive removal agent available for processing, to be no omissions, no dead ends. BACK

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