Small details of household cleaning

&Nbsp;   marble care and maintenance it is inevitable there will be some in the people's daily life, soy sauce, vinegar, in the marble on the surface if it is not even clear that penetrates, resulting in discoloration, would permanently leave a trail.
&Nbsp;   wooden furniture maintenance and maintenance on the surfaces of furniture not hot water Cup or some high temperature objects. Put a layer of wax on the furniture surface, so it will look shiny and not dust on the surface easier to clean.
&Nbsp;   floor care and maintenance to clean every day on the ground against hard objects to scratch floor or small gravel into the cracks in the floor. Playing on a layer of protective wax is the best maintenance increases brightness while effectively protecting the floor the floor.
&Nbsp;   mahogany furniture mahogany furniture cleaning dust Duster jog or clean it with a soft cloth. Best choose to use pure cotton rag, light wiping surfaces from dust, don't directly flush with water or with a wet cloth, but avoid alcohol solvent such as gasoline.
&Nbsp;   mahogany furniture for difficult stains, you can use vinegar to stain.
&Nbsp;   mix of white vinegar and hot water, wipe surface with a cotton cloth, and then wipe with a soft cloth. Some more ink traces can also be cleared from hard furniture.
&Nbsp;   in order to keep the brightness of the lacquer paint films, can be crushed, peeled walnuts, in three-layer Gauze package, made oil rubbed. Mahogany surface after oiling, again with gauze oil polishing, don't use chemical brighteners, so as not to damage film sticky.
&Nbsp;   When Fujimatsu took off when the vines were wet with water, and then fixed it with iron tongs, covered with a strong adhesive to make it stick. BACK

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