Cleaning staff code of conduct

&Nbsp;   1, dress neatly, and respect for the customer, establish a good image.
&Nbsp;   2, subject to management, protecting the quality, and progress, and successful completion of cleaning work.
&Nbsp;   3, observe work discipline, hold jobs, and do not engage in work-related things.
&Nbsp;   4, carry forward the spirit of mutual help and support colleagues working as equals.
&Nbsp;   5, the cleaning process if anomalies are found, if construction quality, accident, physical damage, failure of facilities and drop, run, run, leakage phenomenon, should promptly report to the owners and managers and, if necessary, to actively assist professionals with troubleshooting.
&Nbsp;   6, keep cleaning tools and supplies shall not be lost and man-made damage, learn to control the use of consumables shall not clean tools and supplies private others use and home use.
&Nbsp;   7, dealing with customers in a timely manner to the observations and recommendations of the cleaning quality, had a dispute with his.
&Nbsp;   8, without the client's consent, shall not use the customer goods and facilities.
&Nbsp;   9, will work with staff to service the site is strictly prohibited. Leave the service shall notify the customer.
&Nbsp;   10, and earnestly fulfill other tasks assigned by superior.
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