Wall of household cleaning and maintenance introduction

&Nbsp;   hard quality wall surface of maintenance hard quality wall stone and hard quality ground of maintenance different, because as wall ornaments surface mill wipe less, main is dust, drops, splash scale, as in Hall, is main is dust, clean maintenance method is daily wipe to surface from dust, regularly with fountain fog wax water clean maintenance, the wax water both clean effect, and will in surface layer formed transparent protection film, more convenient has daily clean, as acting bathroom of wall surface, is should regularly using alkaline clean agent clean, Must rinse after washing, or for a long time, will make the surface tarnish.
&Nbsp;   with gradually hot wallpaper, put up wallpaper wall maintenance has become a science, so close to wallpaper the wall how to maintain it?
&Nbsp;   all wallpaper wallpaper wall maintenance normal cleaning of walls is regular vacuum cleaning of walls, will be put on the vacuum cleaner suction head, daily found that particular dirty in time to erase, methods are available to water-resistant wall dry scrub, dry with a dry towel after washing, do not water-resistant wall available dry scrub. BACK

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